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Drive-in Movies in Volusia County

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Drive-in Movies in Volusia County

I think most of us can agree that 2020 hasn't been exactly how we'd all like it to be because of Coronavirus, however, there is some silver lining even through all that Covid-19 has brought us... we present to you, silver lining exhibit A...Drive-in Movies in Volusia County!

Epic Theatres of West Volusia, a movie theater located in Deltona has been now offering drove-in movies nightly. This new entertainment option at Drive-in Movies in Volusia County has been well-received by families looking to get out of their house for a little entertainment all while following social distancing guidelines.

Epic Theatres of West Volusia started showing these Drive-in Movies in Volusia County on March 19th, 2020 and are offering two movies each night for the public to come and enjoy. The drive-thru box office and concession stand opens at 7pm, but you can buy your tickets ahead of time at - the cost is $20 per vehicle.

Drive-in Movies in Volusia County are just another reason why we love working and building in Volusia County. They adapt to the "new-normal" and make it easy for Volusia County residents to get out and have some fun in the community!

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