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$15,000 Summerpark Homes FLEX CASH Builder Incentives

Summerpark Homes FLEX CASH Builder Incentives I Summerpark Homes I 407-986-0433

Summerpark Homes is now offering up to $15,000 in FLEX CASH builder incentives on all remaining First Place homesites.

ACT NOW and receive up to $15,00 in builder incentives on our remaining homes located in the First Place, Davenport Subdivision when you contract to purchase a Summerpark Homes' home in First Place, and close within 35 days with our preferred lender, Samaritan Mortgage Group.

Ways to use the Summerpark Homes flex cash builder incentives:

  • Buy-down your interest rate on your mortgage loan. Simply put, a closing cost contribution may be applied to the cost of purchasing a lower interest rate.

  • Credit toward closing costs, pre-paids, or escrow. This is the straightforward scenario discussed above - an opportunity for a buyer who is cash-strapped or prefers to keep their cash rather than spending it on some or all of the closing costs.

  • Purchase price reduction. Reduce the advertised price of the home!

  • Upgrade your home with select appliances. Don't want the hassle of finding, or installing new home appliances? Use the flex cash to add a refrigerator, washer & dryer, or install a new garage door opener.

  • Apply to your Home Owners Association Dues. First Place has an annual Home Owners association fee that is required, let Summerpark Homes pay it for you!

OR - make any combination of the above, because Summerpark Homes' builder incentive is FLEXIBLE!

Closing Cost Contributions provide a flexible way to offset the cost of purchasing a new home. Each homebuyer's needs are unique. To determine the best solution for your needs, contact, Summerpark Homes and your Loan Originator, Chris Ferrill with Samaritan Mortgage Group ( to find the best way to tailor the "flex cash" to your financial needs.

Summerpark Homes offers a Closing Cost Contribution exclusively for buyers using Samaritan Mortgage Group to finance the purchase of a new Summerpark Homes' home.

Summerpark Homes Offering $15,000 in Flex Cash Builder Incentives on a New Construction Home
$15,000 Flex Cash - Builder Incentive

*Up to $15,000 Flex Cash incentive is valid on firm, non-contingent purchase agreements accepted between now and March 31st 2023 on our select immediate occupancy homes in First Place that close within 45 days with Samaritan Mortgage Group/Canopy Mortgage. an Equal Housing Lender. Amount of incentive can vary and are subject to change at the sole right of Summerpark, LLC ,


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