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2018 Home Trends & Decor

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Curious to know what the latest trends are in home decor?...and what might be going out of style? One of the easiest ways to find out what people are looking for and potentially purchasing is using "Google Trends" - an online tool that allows you to view Google search data on certain keywords or phrases. (Kinda creepy, right?) Here are the latest home design trends, according to a study from Digital Third Coast, which compiled a search data from 2004-2018. Here are the trends on the rise: 1. succulents 2. mason jars 3. terrariums 4. chalkboard walls 5. cowhide rugs 6. throw pillows 7. mid-century modern furniture 8. antique-style edison bulbs When building a home, we always take the latest trends in home decor and staying on trend with interior/exterior colors too! Here is a list of everything that won't be included in our new Summerpark Homes and is rapidly declining in home search popularity:

1. futons 2. lava lamps 3. tiffany lamps 4. beaded curtains 5. fake fruit 6. silk flowers 7. La-Z-Bous 8. inspirational quotes

Looking for a home that is current in the 2018 home trends? See our current inventory homes!

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