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7 Features Buyers Want in a Custom Home

7 Features Buyers Want in a Custom Home


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What Modern Buyers Want Most in a Custom Home

While some home buyers know exactly what they want in a custom home, others need a little guidance. Build the custom homes your buyers want by including these popular features in your next build.

Airy, Expansive Kitchens

According to a recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), nearly nine in ten modern home buyers are looking for kitchens and dining rooms that are either partially or completely open. When it comes to appliances and cabinetry, today’s homeowners want sleek, stylish features. The NAHB reports that around 67% of buyers want stainless steel appliances, and 57% prefer natural stone countertops. While modern buyers appear to be a little less picky about cabinetry, most demonstrated a preference for clean, white finishes.

White on White

Simple, contemporary color schemes are popular among modern buyers; the NAHB reports that white on white is an emerging style for bathrooms and kitchens. To pique interest from younger buyers who are up on today’s trends, more and more builders are using light gray and white for both cabinets and countertops.

Specialized Bath Features

To complement simplistic, white design features, many modern buyers want higher-end fixture installations in the bathroom, including wall-mounted sinks, faucets and toilets. Depending on the local market, some custom buyers are even requesting hands-free electronic faucets, which offer a cleaner, more convenient way to wash up. Others are looking for floating vanities or freestanding bath furniture, which lend a contemporary look while making small spaces look larger and open up the rest of the room.

Farmhouse Features

The NAHB’s survey also revealed that today’s buyers have a growing interest in custom homes that incorporate farmhouse elements with ample amounts of wood. That said, buyers want to complement these designs with vinyl and resilient flooring that blends harmoniously with the surrounding design theme.

Modern Conveniences

These days, home buyers are wanting built-in conveniences, including wireless controls and smart technology. After spending extra on custom features, buyers don’t want to have to pay extra to cut holes in walls and have these features installed later. Even if a buyer hasn’t requested built-in technology, builders should consider suggesting these customizations at the outset, so they avoid making tedious alterations if the client asks for them once construction has already begun.


In a growing number of markets, practicality has overtaken excess, as buyers demonstrate a preference for spaces focused on function rather than keeping up appearances. While they’ve yet to enter the real estate market in droves, millennials are helping to drive the push toward a contemporary, streamlined feel with less clutter. Formal dining and living rooms have lost out to versatile spaces that are flexible enough to convert into a second bedroom, home office or whatever else fits a buyer’s evolving life. By building flexibility into their homes, builders are able to meet diverse demands.

Functional Efficiencies

In addition to trendy design elements, modern buyers are also demanding convenient, functional features. This includes spacious laundry rooms with plenty of shelves and storage, along with energy-saving features such as Energy Star appliances, windows and whole house certification.


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