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Technology in Home Building

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Technology in Home Building

The future is now for homeowners, as more and more people are looking to smart devices to improve their everyday living. From thermostats, to fire and carbon monoxide detectors, technology and automation is getting more sophisticated - and widely popular when it comes to building a new home.

What's the current state of technology in home building, and where is it going? Here are a few NEW devices Summerpark Homes is seeing coming to the market.

Technology in Home Building:

1. The laundry folding robot.

You read that right, a robot, that folds our laundry. The Laudriod from Seven Dreamers uses AI to sort and fold your clothes. THE FIRST OF IT'S KIND!

Place your clothes into a drawer at the bottom of the machine, and watch as it folds your wardrobe, along with being able to separate per family member.

The sleek and simple design makes it easy to incorporate into any home design. This technology in home building might be perfect for busy moms!


2. Smart refrigerators.

LG's InstaView ThinQ has a touchscreen on the front of the fridge that keeps track of what food or drink you put in or take out. When you're running low on a certain item, it even reminds you that it is time to restock.

This piece of Technology in Home Building might be too much for some homeowners, but to others, it is the way of the future in home building and will be a soon staple in every home.


3.Interactive Mirrors.

See yourself in a smarter bathroom with Kohler's Vedera Voice Lighted Mirror has a built-in version of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, so you can access important information while getting ready in the morning or preparing to go to bed.

Take your routine to the next level, the Vedera Voice Lighted Mirror is the first ever bathroom mirror to use this technology - you can ask your mirror to play music, to hear the news, check the weather and even ask about up-to-date morning traffic. Crazy!


4. Intelligent Security Lights.

A floodlight with a two-way speaker and motion activated camera, Maximus Camera Floodlight, is perfect for monitoring activity outside of your home.

1080P HD camera with 155 degree view can detect movement up to 70 feet away and relays a message to your smartphone for instant alerts about potential visitors or trespassers. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.


5. Smart Plumbing.

Flo by Moen, is a comprehensive water and plumbing monitoring and shut-off system. Flo can tell a homeowner not only about leaks, but also water pressure, temperature and flow rate. Via its smartphone dashboard, Flo allows homeowners to do all of these things remotely and also empowers water conservation efforts. Works with GoogleAssistant and Amazon Alexa.


Some of the Technology in Home Building might be out of some homeowner's price range for the time being - but we believe that most of these items will become a regular staple in most new construction homes and will lower in price.

Considering building a home with these technology in home building items? Contact us today to get a FREE estimate to build your Central Florida dream home or view our gallery of past custom homes we've built in the Central Florida and surrounding areas.

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Technology in Home Building


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