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Winter Park Mega-Mansion

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Winter Park Mega-Mansion

Proposed Winter Park mega-mansion could become one of the largest homes in the entire United States, and will be just in our backyard!

Winter Park Mega-Mansion
Winter Park Mega-Mansion

Winter Park, FL is already known for luxury, massive, and architecturally beautiful homes - but this one might top the cake. The Winter Park Mega-Mansion is set to take up over 40,000 square feet on a lakefront lot off of Palmer Avenue near Lake Osceola.

The architectural plans that have been submitted for this Winter Park Mega-Mansion show it to be a two-story home, complete with a basement and large circular driveway. The home's plans also include an indoor lap pool, a Koi pond, an outdoor pool, a theater, a butler's pantry and a four-car garage. The upstairs in the home would have four bedrooms and bathrooms and the master-suite with an open garden connected by a suspended bridge.

To put this in perspective, the average home currently built in the United States is roughly 2,600 square feet. This Winter Park Mega-Mansion is like putting 15 (FIFTEEN....ONE-FIVE) of those average-sized homes together.

What does one do with so much space?

Interested in building a smaller-more budget friendly custom home? Call us to find out how to start the process of building your very own dream home! 407-603-6320 or visit our Summerpark Homes photo gallery to see out past custom homes built!

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