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Lorena Perdomo Named Realtor of the Month

Lorena Perdomo Named Realtor of the Month

Summerpark Homes - - 407-603-6320

Summerpark Homes has launched a monthly "Realtor of the Month" designation to recognize Realtor's that we feel go above and beyond for their clients and are a pleasure to work with in selling a Summerpark Homes new construction home. We have had the pleasure in working with Lorena and her team on multiple deals, and are excited to launch our realtor of the month with Lorena Perdomo as our first featured realtor!



Lorena Perdomo became a Real Estate Agent back in 2014 when she officially decided that real estate sales will be the next step in my career. However, Lorena's Real Estate passion & experience began back in 2002 - when she purchased her first home in America!

Lorena and her husband, Sergio Mora, moved from New York to Central Florida, looking for a different lifestyle; and they fell in love with the weather, the people and the beautiful beaches around Florida. They enjoy outdoor activities and sharing time with friends and family - "what is better than a BBQ in your own backyard?"


One thing that sets Lorena apart from other's is her multi-faceted experience in Real Estate. From writing loans, to purchasing homes - Lorena has seen and experienced it all, which gives her a different view and understanding in Real Estate.

  • Mortgage Loan Officer - Before getting her Real Estate license, Lorena spent 10 years as a Mortgage Loan Officer - originating loans, helping families & investors finance their dream home. During her loan officer days, she developed a true passion for the real estate business and began to personally invest in properties.

  • Investor - She knew when she got into the industry, it was perfect timing to take advantage of the declined real estate market to build her real estate portfolio and increase personal cash flow. With the opportunity to build her real estate portfolio, it gave her the expertise in different areas of the industry.

  • Broker Associate - Lorena Perdomo is now working as a broker associate with National Real Estate and she is proud of her journey and truly enjoys what she does every day. She has built a team "MiCasaTuCasaFL," and together, they assist buyers, sellers, tenants & investors to create wealth through real estate; they believe financial literacy is the key to secure a prosperous future - and have been able to help numerous families turn their real estate dreams into reality.


Lorena Perdomo

National Real Estate Broker Associate 407-913-9388

Find them on Social Media: Facebook:

Twitter: @LorePerdomoRE



@micasatucasafl OR @loreperdomore



Interested in becoming our next Realtor of the Month? Working with Summerpark Homes, we truly value our relationship with local real estate agents! We offer a personable and friendly experience and go above and beyond to make sure your clients are happy with their new Summerpark Homes' home. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU.

Visit to see our current and coming soon inventory that your client might be interested in! We are constantly building and adding new homesites to our inventory, so if you don't see something now, feel free to reach out! 407-603-6320.

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